I Love Valmalenco

iPhone & iPod Touch app.

I Love Valmalenco in App Store Versione Lite-Free in App Store

Try the Valsissone interactive Panoramas

Here you can get an idea of how it works. These are the same panoramas that you can find in the free-lite app "I Love Valssissone",
from the town of Chiareggio (in Valmalenco) walk up to the north face of mount Disgrazia and then to Del Grande-Camerini hut.

Click over the below photo and drag it to turn around, use SHIFT and CTRL key to zoom in-out (on an iPhone just use two fingers...),
search and click the triangle-icons to "walk" to the next panorama,
or click the yellow pins in the google map to open that "point of view".

map div
-> Clik here to show all the Pins <- preview

PinRActivate all the red pins in the map to change the static preview above. These are all the panoramic point of view that you can navigate in the app "I Love Valmalenco".

PinG With the yellow pins you can change the interactive 360° panorama.

PinGWith this button in the panorama you can change your point of view.

infoGo over the info button in the panorama to get the labels with the names of the main mountains around you.

in the iPhone apps:

You can get the same contents and functions in the apps for iPhone/iPod Touch.
In the lite version (I Love Valsissone) you can use just the panoramas shown here with the yellow Pins, all taken in this lovely valley of Valsissone going up from Chiareggio to the north face of mpunt Disgrazia.
In I Love Valmalenco you can use all the panoramas (both red and yellow).
You can use an interactive embedded map (meaning that you can use it even if off-line - no internet connection needed),
and read a full description of every trail, with photoGallery included.